As more people discover the fun and challenges with trail running, most are not even aware that their existing footwear could possibly lead to injuries. Unlike pavement or tracks, off-road surfaces are often uneven. Also, it could be full of varying types of hazards that would easily damage regular sneakers. Thus inov-8 is introducing us to the TrailFly Ultra G300 Max which is using cutting-edge materials for next-generation performance.

For trail running shoes, grip and durability are crucial features users should consider. For the TrailFly Ultra G300 Max, inov-8 is turning to the unique properties of graphene. The company adds the composite to the midsole foam, which in turn promises a 25% improvement in energy return. Moreover, they’re calling it G-Fly This enhanced cushioning effect also helps users run faster and longer.

Another noteworthy feature is the ADAPTER-FLEX groove. This allows the TrailFly Ultra G300 Max to flex and adjust according to the texture and shape of the terrain underfoot. Then there’s the supportive mesh upper which wraps around your feet comfortably.

Finally, we have the outsole, which might not look like much at first, but actually packs innovative technology. Remember when we pointed out the use of graphene for the mid-sole? Well, inov-8 is apparently also using it for improving traction on the dynamic terrain of the trail.

For now, the TrailFly Ultra G300 Max is only available in a single colorway. We like that inov-8 went for a bright neon green for the upper with a mix of black on the graphics, tongue, laces, and lining. Both the outsole and midsole are in black with the “G” emblem in green and a gradient shift to green toward the front.

Buy – $190

Images courtesy of inov-8