Sports apparel manufacturer Inov-8 has just introduced a line of industry-changing Graphene-infused Running Shoes that are said to take your sports game to the next level.

Rated for over 1,000 miles of use (as opposed to 300-500 miles for regular running sneakers), these super-shoes feature a graphene-enhanced rubber outsole that’s incredibly strong and lightweight. The upper materials include Kevlar – commonly used in bulletproof vests – adding even more durability and breathability to the shoe.

Weighing between 260g–290g, Inov-8’s G-Series Graphene Running Shoes will be available (starting July 12) in three versions; the Mudclaw G 260 designed with 8mm studs for muddy terrain and obstacle course racing, the Terraultra G 260 for hard-packed trails, and the F-Lite G 290 made for use in the gym.

Preorder From Inov-8 $193