When thinking of a healthier lifestyle and saving the environment, start-up sustainable apparel company Inner Mettle has your back. 

The company’s innovation team took the concept of what is known as grounding, or earthing, aka barefoot. Yes, we have heard of top athletes running shoeless, and has come up with a comfy soled feet solution.

We were wondering as well, why should we swap our favourite trainers for a grounding version?

Inner Mettle enlightened us to the fact that our modern world, including our beloved electronic gadgets, contribute a great deal to our bodies accumulating, well yes, electric charges. Recall those moments when touching a metal handle gave you a shock, that’s us discharging.

Here’s the deal. Whilst it won’t kill us, our bodies’ cells balance positive and negative charges for us to function optimally. Like anything in life, too much of one or the other can make us feel out of whack. 

The earthing concept prescribes getting rid of excess charges by touching the ground with bare skin, as it is conductive. Presto our bodies are back in equilibrium increasing general well-being, and even your athletic performance. 

Inner Mettle assures us it hasn’t just come up with this idea, but research exists to back up the theory. 

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We think, an interesting piece of gear, why not give it a ‘walk’? 

The stylish multi-coloured trainer can morph itself as much into an every day going about one’s daily business, as an outdoor adventure, shoe.

The earthing magic lies in its conductive flexible rubber sole, recycled and with a nice grip, we may add. Sustainability is high on Inner Mette’s agenda we hear, so it also lashed out on recycled lycra, mesh and vegan suede for the upper, also sporting a practical one-piece tongue. 

Moreover, inside, you will find the Inner Mettle branded memory foam and cork insole keeping your joints and feet happy. 

Feel like joining the earthing trend? You can secure your pair of IM EarthConnect shoes by signing up for Inner Mettle’s Kickstarter campaign. Backers will enjoy access to a choice of limited discounted packages, including the shoes and anti-bacterial aka smell-free IM Fresh SilverSole socks thrown in. 

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Images courtesy of Inner Mettle