Are you finally ready to invest in a rugged ride for thrilling overlanding escapades and more? If so, don’t focus exclusively on the fancy bells and whistles of its living spaces, but also understand the capabilities of the donor vehicle. Let’s take the Inkunzi by Infanta 4×4 for example, which is based on a legendary platform by Toyota.

The South African company specializes in adventure-ready four-wheelers, watercraft, gear, and aftermarket customization. Clients who prefer a hands-on approach can start their projects with the help of the firm’s team. Nevertheless, we know turnkey options are the best way to quickly get into the action.

Thus, let’s check out what the Inkunzi brings to the table when it comes to outdoor adventures. As noted by Infanta 4×4, “We’ve chosen this name for our camper cruiser, because the combination that we have here, definitely shares the same personality traits than that of a bull.”

Furthermore, they went on to define it as “stubborn, strong-willed and maybe a bit belligerent.” Based on what the manufacturer wants to get across, this bad boy is ready to rumble. After you’ve conquered the path, what comes after is the creature comforts supplied by its modern cabin.

At the push of a button, the electric pop-up roof deploys in no time. Slide-out compartments expand the volumes within and also double as storage for camping gear and more. Infanta 4×4 ensures the Inkunzi is brimming with everything the user needs to enjoy extended stays off the grid.

Optional add-ons include a 270-degree awning, an inverter, and solar panels. Meanwhile, the 105 Ah battery, Victron charger, and battery monitor come as standard with your Inkunzi. While a Toyota Land Cruiser is featured for the demo unit, other models should be compatible for customization as well.

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Images courtesy of Infanta 4×4