Japanese company Bess simplifies the tiny house on wheels concept with the versatile IMAGO iter cabin. It is basically a trailer home that you can take with you no matter your adventure.

This cabin gives you a floor space of 70 square feet and a 7.8-foot standing height to give you space to fill it with whatever you need to make on-the-road living comfortable. You can even turn it into your mobile office. It can accommodate a bed, a small sofa, and tables and chairs. It weighs 4,600 pounds so you have the freedom to customize it according to your needs before it becomes too heavy for transport.

The IMAGO iter cabin uses 70mm thick cedarwood for its walls and brings in the outside scenery, ventilation, and natural lighting through windows on all four sides. One is an oversized sliding window that doubles as the entryway. This way you don’t get claustrophobic staying inside.

As with the open floorplan, this wood cabin comes unpainted so you can choose your preferred color. The roof also comes in two options. You can have the traditional flat timber roof to literally turn it into a log hut on wheels. You can also choose a domed, wagon-like plastic membrane for the roof.

The IMAGO iter cabin is bare of any furnishings or finishings so you only get the four-wall cabin on four wheels. It is designed for stable driving as such Bess guarantees that it comes with suspension and electromagnetic brakes. It has also been tested by the Japan Automobile Research Institute. 

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Images courtesy of Bess