Swedish company IKEA is getting into the fashion industry with the introduction of the FÄLTMAL. This is a “quillow” or a quilt that transforms into a modest pillow.

It looks nothing fancy when in pillow form but does its job if you need a place for your head to lay down on. It even has a mesh pocket and orange sippers that provide both function and decoration.

However, it stands out when in quilt form: literally. Unfold it open and IKEA’s FÄLTMAL turns into a wearable quilt that covers your body from neck to feet. It measures a massive 75 inches long and 47 inches wide so it can fit most body sizes. It comes with built-in arms similar to a Snuggie so you can wear it for ultimate comfort in chilly temperatures and you can be your lazy self when at home. I dare you to use it in one of your walks in the park or in public and see how many envious reactions you get.

Despite it being rather attention-grabbing, it functions as designed. It even doubles as a full-length sleeping bag and allows for greater maneuverability. It has a button fastening on the back to ensure it doesn’t slip off with your every move. Plus, it is lightweight at just 23 ounces. The mesh pocket becomes handy storage for small on-the-go items.

IKEA’s FÄLTMAL is made from recycled polyester insulation and a nylon exterior that are both machine washable. It is however not intended to be ironed, dry cleaned, bleached, or use in rain or wet weather.

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Images courtesy of IKEA