With so many people heading outdoors to hike or camp out this fall, you might want to plan an escapade as well. Meanwhile, those who plan to overland instead might want to refresh their gear before their trip. If a camper or motorhome is out of the question, why not check out the Blue Dot Voyager (BDV) instead?

This rooftop tent is designed and engineered by iKamper in two configurations: Solo or Duo. The former provides enough room to sleep one person, while the latter is perfect for a party of two. DIY aficionados can choose to have their BDV shipped with some assembly required.

If you prefer a straightforward ready-to-use experience, then pre-assembled is the way to go. It’s an ideal platform for your SUV, pickup truck, or any other vehicle with a roof rack. Don’t forget to check the car’s user manual to learn about the maximum weight limit it can support.

When stored within its scratch/UV-resistant FRP shell in Rocky Black, the total thickness of the BDV is just around 6.75 inches. The Solo version measures 40.25” x 90” while the Duo comes in at 56” x 90” and both open up to the height of 59 inches with a total length of 106.25 inches.

The telescoping ladder can be positioned on any side that is convenient for the user. To pitch your rooftop tent, iKamper says it’s as simple as lifting the latch. Its construction uses 300 gsm poly-cotton canvas for superior breathability.

Meanwhile, the rainfly is crafted out of polyester 75D ripstop with a water-repellent DWR coating. For sleeping comfort, the honeycomb aluminum panel floors hold a 2.75” insulated polyfoam mattress. Order your BDV now and install it in time for your next adventure.

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Images courtesy of iKamper