With the free time we had since working from home became the norm, revamping our man cave was one of the most enjoyable activities we had. Some of us were lucky enough to grab a preorder slot of the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, while the rest are still stuck with current-generation platforms. If you want a more retro vibe, we believe the iiRcade will meet your needs.

Each time you fire it up, waves of nostalgia will bring you back to when arcades were still the hangout of choice for kids back in the day. Now, imaging having that in the comfort of your living room or den. We’ve featured similar products like the iiRcade, but it’s also good to have options.

Nothing shady going on here as all the software its packs have been officially licensed by the company. Now you can play the most challenging classics that were previously eating your quarters to your heart’s content. We like that you can place configure the iiRcade for bartop gaming or as a freestanding cabinet.

It has a 19-inch HD display to give old-school graphics a modern and vibrant twist. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to download new games as the library grows over time. Moreover, it also unlocks online multiplayer on select titles. Bluetooth 4.2 is likewise available and compatible with a wide range of gadgets.

The dual speakers boast 100 watts of powerful audio output, while a 3.5 mm headset jack lets you plug in your favorite headphones or connect your wireless headphones via Bluetooth. Choose between 64 GB or 128 GB storage option which should be more than enough for thousands of retro games. The iiRcade is a step above what others like it can offer.

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Images courtesy of iiRcade