These days, “sustainability” is becoming the buzzword among those that provide various mobility platforms for consumers. From cars, motorcycles, watercraft, and aircraft, every manufacturer wants to get into the game. Bicycles, on the other hand, are environmentally friendly. However, one company believes that can make it even greener with the igus:bike that’s crafted out of recycled plastic.

Although the company boldly claims that 100% of this two-wheeler’s components are all-plastic, there’s the question of durability. Igus may be the leading supplier of low-wear, high-performance plastics, but experts still have their doubts. Nevertheless, the idea behind it is a thrilling one.  

They expect to release their first model before 2022 ends. Moreover, there are plans to make some of the components commercially available. It appears their goal is to take advantage of the abundant plastic wastes in dumpsites across the globe. If it holds up to expectations, the igus:bike just might be the gamechanger we need.

Igus is not alone in this endeavor as mrtl supplies the frame and wheels. These are also 100% plastic. There is no mention of the seat post and saddle, which could mean it is still in the planning stages. Meanwhile, the igus:bike will be using a Gates Carbon Drive belt for its durability and lubrication-free properties

The rest of the parts such as the rim brakes, wheel bearing, crank, pulley, freewheel, and planetary gear are all heavy-duty plastic and already in development. We certainly hope the igus:bike becomes a smash hit. That way, its manufacturing technology will turn undesirable plastic wastes into a valuable resource for various applications.

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Images courtesy of Igus