When it comes to aftermarket customization, the fact remains that the only limit is your imagination. As long as the shop has the manpower and the parts to make it happen, all that’s left is to pay the man. In some rare cases, there are builds exclusively available with the help of first-party groups like this Monogram GX.

This magnificent project is a collaboration between Lexus and LG. The Japanese luxury carmaker is supplying the upscale SUV, while the South Korean consumer electronics firm is providing the premium kitchen appliances to deck it out with. That’s no typo because the Monogram GX made its official debut at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado.

You can say it is a bespoke ride geared for culinary enthusiasts who want to prepare and share sumptuous meals outdoors. Just imagine high-class meals after a long day of overlanding. Wine and dine in remote spots where nature remains untouched. This concept was brought to life by Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, LG Monogram’s famed creative director and interior designer.

Open the twin rear doors of the Monogram GX and what greets you is an opulent collection of upmarket appliances. Arranged within, alongside two-toned camel leather upholstery is a Smart Flush Hearth Oven, Forge Heated Ice Press, wine/bourbon storage, chilling compartments, a wine/spirits bar, and a plating station.

“This unique pairing of unexpected luxury cooking while away from home is created with signature pieces from Monogram that elevate the everyday,” said executive director of Monogram appliances Julie Burns. “The Monogram GX puts an entirely new spin on the road trip experience with a crafted, culinary journey.”

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Images courtesy of Lexus