Ignik’s Firecan Elite Fire Pit is the latest edition to the brand’s signature “sustainable campfires.” It’s more compact but is more durable, emits more heat, and is even more lighter than its predecessors.

Ignik has launched a series of its unique ammo-can-inspired fire pits in the past debuting with the FireCan fire pit and then the fully-functional FireCan Deluxe which features temperature controls and a grill gate. The elite version comes in the same size and shape as its predecessors. But it’s equipped with upgrades including a high-pressure 5psi, quick-release propane output. 

Ignik’s Firecan Elite Fire “lets you take your campfire further” with its lighter body, which is 25% lighter at just 4.6kg, making it the lightest version to date. Moreover, it is more durable thanks to its stainless steel construction with anodized aluminum removable lid. It is also more travel-friendly. It easily packs away with its tucked-away, quick-release connector and Flame controls on the FireCan. This CSA-certified camping gear produces more heat power giving out over 50K BTU/Hr. heat output. 

Ignik’s marketing and product development director Peter Pontano said of the FireCan Elite Fire Pit, “Our original FireCan offers a campfire anywhere for car campers, solo campers, and solo overlanders, whereas the FireCan Deluxe is a great two-in-one solution for outdoor grilling and heating. By adding another option to our FireCan line, we’re excited to offer folks more choices.”

The biggest change is it being CSA-certified, meaning the FireCan Elite Fire Pit is now available in Canada and in the U.S.A. Pontano noted, “With Canadian wildfires having an early season impact on both Canada and the U.S., we’ve expedited the launch of this product into the U.S. market to help further inspire campers to play it safe when making a fire.”

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Images courtesy of Ignik