Are any of you still holding on to vintage coolers? Depending on the build quality, storage location, and care, these can virtually last almost a lifetime. For those who own one from Igloo, we bet it’s still in excellent condition. However, when you need to upgrade or add another, we recommend the ECOCOOL Trailmate 70 Qt for a bunch of reasons.

In fact, we featured a similar model a couple of months ago, but Igloo continues to innovate. Thus, we now have this new version with eco-friendly upgrades. The ECOCOOL Trailmate 70 Qt measures 34.59″ x 19.7″ x 23.61″ while the interior is 23″ x 14″ x 11.5″ in size. The 70-quart capacity allows you to store up to 112 12-ounce cans.

What makes this version even better than its predecessor is the construction. According to its product page, the cooler’s lid, liner, and exterior body are built out of post-consumer recycled resin. This means plastic packaging and bottles originally heading for the landfill are finding a new sustainable purpose.

For years, Igloo enjoys a stellar reputation when it comes to performance. The ECOCOOL Trailmate 70 Qt uses THEREMECOOL foam insulation to keep your items cool for days. We like the large 10-inch, never-flat, smooth-ride wheels and the telescoping steel Glide handle. It even locks in place and the butler tray fits in between the gap between perfectly.

Meanwhile, the Cool Riser Technology and the stand elevate the bottom away from hot surfaces. Need to haul other cargo? Tie-down points on the ECOCOOL Trailmate 70 Qt let you secure them with bungee cords or rope. Igloo even includes a lockable water-resistant compartment for your essentials. Finally, draining the water from the cooler is easy with its threaded drain plug.

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Images courtesy of Igloo