Mininch is back with another versatile pocket tool designed to make on-the-go everyday repairs accessible and fun. Inspired by the “Pop-A-Point” color pen, this utility tool ensures a hassle-free bit management without the bulky and hefty kits.

The innovative pop-a-point design delivers unmatched bit swapping efficiency in a sleek and lightweight package made with 6061 aluminum at a weight of just 93 grams. Exchange bits with ease with the tailor-made hexagon barrel that can stack six commonly used bits so you have them on the ready. These include Slotted, Phillips, Hexagon, Star, Robertson, and Pozidriv.

The bits, made with nickel chromium molybdenum alloy steel, have their sizes engraved onto all sides to simplify the selection process and ensure user-friendly identification at all times.  The Mininch Tool Pen 2 also has carved windows on one side for visibility of all the bit sizes for precise selection for any task. You simply pop one bit out from the top and stack it back by inserting it at the bottom of the pen until you get the right bit size and shape for the job.   

This tool has a magnetic cap that secures the bits in place during storage and protect your bag from accidental punctures. It is available in Stonewashed, Standard Anodized, and Hard Anodized finishes with the aluminum alloy barrel guaranteed durable and resistant to corrosion.

Compact and stylish, the Mininch Tool Pen 2 is essentially a bit-storing screwdriver in a pen-like form reminiscent of the eraser and pencils of our youth. It’s a clever solution in the world of versatile tools. 

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Images courtesy of Mininch