We have yet to see yachts that are fully sustainable when it comes to propulsion and power. So far, photovoltaic cells are being used on hybrid models and can store enough energy for basic electronic functions. Iddes Yachts, meanwhile, takes the traditional and harnesses the wind with the aptly christened Sail 55.

The blueprint for this 180-foot vessel comes from naval architect and company founder Iván Salas Jefferson. What he proposes is a fully electric superyacht that pays homage to how people traversed the seas. The concept intends to create a sleek marine transport that can travel anywhere with zero environmental impact.

As such, Iddes Yachts plans to streamline every aspect of the Sail 55 to ensure smooth operation. For starters, it will feature two masts with sails and winches designed to work with the keel. Even in rough conditions, it should stay upright without the need for advanced stabilization systems.

In situations where the wind dies down, electric motors take over to let the ship cruise toward your destination. The shipyard is calling it Hydrosolar technology which supposedly harvests energy from the sun to charge high-capacity batteries within the Sail 55’s hull.

At this point, it’s not clear if the sails will have integrated photovoltaic cells or it will be a separate module. Meanwhile, the interior of the Sail 55 will feature six spacious VIP cabins along with a luxurious main deckhouse. Details surrounding other amenities are currently unavailable.

Moreover, there are generous storage compartments below that can hold tenders, water toys, and more. The Sail 55 is still in the concept stage, which means owners should be able to eventually request customizations. Renders of the sailing yacht already show a myriad of possibilities

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Images courtesy of Iddes Yachts