As we’ve said before, inspiration can come from anywhere. It’s really up to people to discover their muses and it looks like concept artist Hugo Silva already found his. His work shows us a custom 2011 Yamaha FZ8 with loud graphics from tip to tail. He gladly reveals that the two-wheeler’s chaotic presentation came from the Airframe Pro Beastie Bunny helmet.

The protective headgear is a product of ICON One Thousand (ICON 1000), which shows a wild livery. Silva notes that he is a big fan of the manufacturer as the bespoke ride shows. At first, it might seem like this FZ8 build is nothing but a custom vinyl wrap with the Beastie Bunny character, but there’s more to it.

You can see the print on the cowl, lower fairing, body, fender, rear fairing, and swingarm. The sports bike retains its familiar outline but features some minor changes to some of its components. There’s a trellis subframe in metallic pink, a tweaked tank over, and a sharper belly pan, to point out a few.

Silva appears to keep Yamaha FZ8’s stock 779 cc inline-four engine good for 106 horsepower. Nonetheless, we spot a pair of underslung SC-Project exhausts that end just below the swingarm. Looking at the Icon One Thousand Airframe Pro Beastie Bunny helmet, there is a transparent neon green wing.

For the concept moto, however, the creator goes for yellow acrylic instead. This is visible on the dual-plane winglets and side covers on the trellis subframe. Furthermore, we have the ROTIFORM aero disc on the rear wheel with the ICON badges in pink. This Beastie Bunny Yamaha FZ8 concept looks feral and ready to race.

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Beastie Bunny Above Beastie Bunny closeup front Beastie Bunny rear view

Images courtesy of Hugo Silva Designs