What’s your favorite winter activity? Most people we know hit the slopes to ski or snowboard, while others escape to places warmer and wait it out. If you want to brave the freezing temperatures and land a big one, then ice fishing is the sport to pursue. To help us out, Eveland unleashes the IcePro.

If you know anyone who regularly participates in such endeavors, there are several must-have items to have in your arsenal. Firstly, you’ll need special rods which are a lot shorter than average. Then there’s an auger, a bucket, bait/jig, a chair, and most importantly, a shelter. 

The IcePro takes it even further as it replaces your tent with a compact camper trailer. Of course, you’ll need to haul it over the frozen water, but this bad boy is lightweight enough for a smaller form of transport. Hook it up to a car, drive to your destination, deploy the ATV, and pull it to the best spots.

Evelend constructs the IcePro with an aluminum frame, a fiberglass shell, and other composite materials. The wheels are locked in place when on the road but a winch system allows you to lower the caravan directly on top of the ice. There are multiple removable catch covers for drilling.

Given its purpose, don’t expect creature comforts like those offered by regular camper trailers. The standard configuration features a spartan interior with storage compartments and just a Bluetooth speaker system. Buyers are encouraged to customize their IcePro to suit their needs. Would you like to give ice fishing a try? 

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Images courtesy of Eveland