Outdoor gatherings, camping, picnics at the park, or other outdoor adventures require hydration. Especially under warm or hot weather, you need cold refreshments to keep the heat at bay. The ICEMULE Clear cooler is designed to do just that.

This is one cool and unique cooler that you would definitely not mind carrying around and showing off to your friends. It is reusable and dubbed the “world’s first transparent air-insulated cooler.” It is specifically designed for sporting events venues, concert arenas, or other locations that call for clear bags for entry. 

The ICEMULE Clear cooler uses a patented IM AirValve technology that allows an amazing five to seven hours of ice retention. Turn the air valve to the left to open before you add a layer of ice inside the bottom. You can put whatever you need to keep cool including cans or bottles of drinks, food, and more. Then fill 1/2 of the rest of the cooler with ice. 

Then like blowing a balloon, you blow air into the valve until it fully inflates before you fold the top over twice toward the front. This is a roll-top bag and closing it, you pull the ends toward the back straps and clip them together to close. You can easily open the valve if you need to release air. 

The ICEMULE Clear cooler comes with straps so you can carry it backpack-style. It is available in two sizes: 9L and 15L. The smaller size can fit 6-9 12oz cans or 2-3 750mL bottles and ice. Meanwhile, the larger size can hold 12-15 12oz cans or 3-4 750mL bottles and ice. 

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Images courtesy of ICEMULE