Virtual reality startup company Hyve, out of Berlin, Germany, has just come as close as the average person can get to that age-old dream of flying. The Icaros ($TBA) is not just a gaming controller, it is designed to give full-body training while completely immersing you in a sense stimulating environment. By its nature as a VR flying simulator, it improves both muscle tone and balance.

Once you lay down on the Icaros, it is the movement of your body which controls your flight path. While not excessively difficult to use, it does take a bit of learning to keep from crashing into things.

Icaros can be had with either a wired or wireless VR Headset. Once you slip into the game inside the headset you are totally immersed. Height, speed, direction of climb or descent are all at your fingertips. The controller in the handlebars gives precise measurements and the visuals in the headset provide the world under your control. Details in the video