The Tam Tam Collection of vertical folding tables from Italian brand Ibebi is designed to enhance the adaptability of the office or any shared spaces. Its the ideal furniture when dealing with limited interior spaces as it can easily be folded away for storage. 

The collection addresses the need for fluidity in shared spaces. It makes these spaces flexible and inclusive as it can adapt to various setups. As Ibebi explains: “It happens ever more frequently to be sitting in front of our desk one moment, and the next to be involved in a meeting with colleagues. The need to alternate individual work with group sharing, gave us the idea to develop Tam Tam: the table with a cross-functional design that moves quickly and effortlessly on castors and is GPP compliant.”

Essentially, the Tam Tam Collection is built to take the best out of these spaces, be it in the office or at school, and even at home. The tables come in different lines and ergonomic shapes and the castors offer extreme mobility so they can be moved around from one place to another effortlessly.

The tables come in a range of tabletop shapes and various finishes and color options. There’s the Tam Tam RET, which has a rectangular top, the Tam TAM CUR with a rounded rectangular top, the Tam Tam TRA featuring a trapezoid top, and the Tam Tam BOT with a barrel-shaped top.  

The Tam Tam Collection features a centrally-placed hinge to allow both sides of the table top to fold in an upright position. Meanwhile, the combination of steel tubes and castor wheels integrated with breaks ensure a sturdy structure either when the table is folded for storage or unfolded during use.  

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Images courtesy of Ibebi