With our experience and love of high-performance automobiles, one would think that it is easy to recognize a marque by design. However, we were sadly mistaken when we thought that this next ride was something from Porsche. Originally slated to debut at the 2020 Geneva International Motor Show, the Hyundai Prophecy concept makes its way online. It’s a shame that the automotive event did not push through due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Nevertheless, we are looking at a sleek and mysterious stunner.

If not for the emblem at the front, no one blames you if a certain German automaker comes to mind. Yet, a close-up encounter with this curvaceous beauty would reveal even more. To our surprise, Hyundai actually reveals that this is a zero-emission project. The designers did a great job to hide any hint that this runs on an electric powertrain which is certainly remarkable.

Some you might remember that in 2019, the South Korean carmaker presented the 45 Concept at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. Incorporating some elements from its predecessor, the Prophecy improves upon those elements to create something even more striking. For a seamless aesthetic, this four-door machine does away with the center pillar.

What you have are the two front doors that open forward while the two rear ones sport a suicide configuration. inside the spacious cabin, you won’t find a traditional steering wheel. Instead, the Prophecy is allegedly an autonomous EV. Nevertheless, there is an innovative joystick control system. One is mounted on the center console while the other can be found on the door. As usual, we really want to see these concepts make it into production soon.

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Images courtesy of Hyundai