We have yet to see other companies surpass the hold Tesla has on the market for almost every segment. For now, we have the Model X, Model Y, Model S, and Model 3. Upcoming additions include the Semi and the Cybertruck. Hyundai is still a fresh face in the EV scene, but it hopes to make an impact with the Ioniq 6.

Elon Musk’s emission-free automotive outfit remains the ultimate marque for years now. However, it will face tough competition in the years to come. As the majority of the world’s leading carmakers gradually switch their fleet to electric powertrains, the South Korean group might have something worth considering on their hands.

Hyundai bills the Ioniq 6 as a platform that will rival the Model 3. They are offering two battery options for the electric sedan: 53 kWh and 77.4 kWh. Testing reportedly shows that the highest capacity unit will travel up to 379 miles on a full charge. Furthermore, its WLTP numbers are just slightly above that of Tesla’s.

It is available in 12 exterior colors and two wheel sizes/designs. Hyundai uses what it calls pixel lights on the steering wheel along with LED elements on various sections of the cabin to create an interactive experience. Digital side mirrors on the Ioniq 6 use cameras instead of mirrors. It then displays images on OLED panels within the cockpit.

“Evoking the naturally sculpted beauty of a river stone with a simple, aerodynamic, and sensuous silhouette design, the Electrified Streamliner offers optimized spatiality and new typology to lead the EV mobility era,” describes the manufacturer. The Ioniq 6 is not only emission-free, but it also uses sustainable materials like bio-paint, eco-processed leather, and recycled fisher net carpets.

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Images courtesy of Hyundai