A lot of modern automotive designs are already giving us a glimpse of the future. It looks like the evolution of the industry is pointing toward the adoption of electric power moving forward. Majority of brands are already showcasing what they have in store for the electric vehicle market is planning something else. Meanwhile, the Hyundai Elevate is an exciting new concept that wants to overcome the limitations of regular automobiles.

The idea behind this innovation seems to have taken some cues straight out of science fiction. The first time that you look at the Elevate, you will notice a familiar design akin to the popular Smart Car. However, the similarities immediately end there as the company reveals a remarkable feature. In default mode, the transport works like any conventional vehicle, with a quick toggle, it can convert into something entirely different. Using cutting-edge actuator technology, the machine can extend its four robotic legs to traverse uneven terrain.

Using a modular chassis, the electric vehicle can be configured to handle various situations. Moreover, It’s an ideal platform for emergency services in order to quickly get to areas normally inaccessible for conventional transport. The flexible articulation of its motorized limbs can adapt to various surfaces and navigate through debris. Therefore, this means that first responders no longer have to go on foot to reach those who need help. Versatile nature of the Hyundai Elevate is likewise helpful for people with disabilities. Its adjustable ride height can make it convenient to enter and exit. We can’t wait to see the mass adoption of this concept soon.

Images courtesy Hyundai

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