As exclusive and dramatic timepieces go, the new super limited edition HYT Skull Pocket Watch ($115K) is definitely in the running. With the entire run being limited to only eight of these unusual pocket watches, exclusivity is ensured.

This heady watch forgoes mere hands to tell the time. Instead it boasts a skull centerpiece surrounded by a fine capillary containing a green fluid that’s slowly pushed through to indicate the luminous numbers on the outer bezel. The eyes also glow with the same eerie green color, while a push-piece flashes two blue LED’s across the skull for added spooky effect.

The visible (through the sapphire caseback) mechanism inside is a hand-cranked, mechanical caliber offering a 65-hour power reserve. The case itself is a light but rugged DLC coated titanium which matches the faceted titanium chain attached at the 6:00 o’clock position. The HYT Skull Pocket Watch is the perfect way to remind yourself that time always flies to its inevitable conclusion. [via]