In general, gamers are extremely discerning when it comes to AAA titles. Each time a developer announces a huge project, every little detail is subject to scrutiny. If it fails to deliver on its promises, you can bet scathing reviews will bury it along with the studios responsible. As such, the Super Pocket chooses to ship with iconic classics instead.

Modern smartphones are now packing seriously powerful hardware that could run just about anything. However, it’s missing the tactile feel gamepads provide. Retro titles are best played with a controller, which is why there is a huge market for accessories that provide a similar experience. Meanwhile, what the Super Pocket offers is a ready-to-play platform out of the box.

If you don’t want to fiddle with emulators and source your software legally, what HyperMegaTech! gives us two collections of popular old-school arcade games from two renowned names in the business. Choose between the TAITO Edition and CAPCOM Edition. Unlike unlicensed handheld platforms, these are guaranteed to run without issues.

The manufacturer draws inspiration from a certain Nintendo handheld device but tweaked it a bit. Instead of the Game Boy’s original layout, there are four face buttons and four more at the back. The TAITO Edition is presented in dark gray with turquoise, while the CAPCOM Edition flaunts a blue and yellow colorway. 18 games are available on the former and 12 for the latter.

These two are compatible with Evercade cartridges which gives you access to almost 400 classics. The Super Pocket sports a 2.8″ 320 x 280 IPS display, a front-firing speakers, and lasts up to four hours on a single charge. Grab one for nostalgia’s sake. Moreover, these would make great gifts this holiday, particularly to loved ones who used to play in the arcades.

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Images courtesy of HyperMegaTech!