Forget the cords, the ice, the tub, the basin, and all other prep needed to get your joints back in tip-top shape after a game. The Hyperice X does away with all these with a simple push of a button. It provides electric contrast therapy treatment on-demand, anywhere and anytime. 

This wearable tech helps you tackle inflammation and pain with programmable temperatures. It uses the power of hot and cold therapy to soothe those tired muscles or joints on your knees without the need for ice or wires to plug in the massager. Instead, it is digitally connected via the Hyperice App so you can start the therapy in seconds. 

The Hyperice X is customizable or programmable according to your choice of treatment. You can go for cold therapy for as long as you want or turn up the heat to reduce aches and tension on your knees. You can use both in one setting too. It provides long-lasting, sustained relief without any change in temperature.

Thus, it is unlike traditional heating pads and icing that could go tepid in seconds. Instead, it provides hot or cold therapy in seconds. This recovery tech even works even while you’re on the go so the treatment never stops until you decide so. It comes in three comfortable straps for the ideal fit. This way you can adjust the size and hold it in place even as you move.

Meanwhile, a guiding white ring helps you place the device properly on your knee cap. Not to forget, the Hyperice X has an adaptive fit too. So you can still get back on the game with it on for long-lasting or on-the-go relief. 

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Images courtesy of Hyperice