If you and your buddies have been following “No Shave November” and not its other variant (for those who know), then it will be a major undertaking to get that clean mug before the holidays. You might need something up to the task and the HypeBody is built to do so for you. Say goodbye to your regular safety razors!

Although electric shavers can do the job conveniently, guys claim it could not match the results from the classic types. The latter is exactly what the HypeBody excels at and so much more. These days, the trend is sustainability which is why modern consumers are a little more mindful of their purchases.

The manufacturer starts off by giving their project a sleek design. Based on its silhouette, you just can’t avoid comparisons with a certain futuristic battery-electric pickup truck from Tesla. Its form factor oozes with minimalism and features a shape that is easier to grip.

A triangular cutout not only enhances the aesthetics but also help cut down the overall weight. They’re CNC-machining the HypeBody out of aerospace-grade aluminum for that premium feel. Up next, it’s partly a mix of elements from a cartridge razor and a safety razor which makes the system unique.

You have two variants on offer: The ME1 and X1. The former uses mechanical press-to-fit attachments. This allows you to choose between three different three shaving styles like Sensitive, Comfort, and Ultra Close. This is likewise available on the latter albeit with a small difference.

Meanwhile, the flagship version goes for magnetic snap-on accessories instead. The HypeBody is backed by an outstanding 100-year guarantee and ships with 20 blades, which is roughly enough for a year of shaving. Therefore, it’s time we switch to high-tech and eco-friendly alternatives.

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Images courtesy of HypeBody