Outdoor escapades do not necessarily require you to rough it out. Even though most guys prefer to test their mettle against the natural challenges along the way, some of us prefer to do with some creature comforts. HYMER caters to the latter with its rugged camper called the Venture S.

This machine is ready to accompany you to spots regular motorhomes deem unreachable. Thus, overlanding enthusiasts might find the Venture S to their liking. Hence, the camper calls on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as the donor vehicle. This cargo van boasts a highly capable 190-horsepower all-wheel-drive powertrain.

Outfitted with a heavy-duty suspension system, robust underside protection, and wheels shod in all-terrain tires. The RV is designed to optimize the spaces and deliver a premium experience. “Our innovation? An entirely new motorhome category – the perfect combination of lifestyle and aspiration, campfire and high-tech in a vehicle that is the first of its kind,” says HYMER president Christian Bauer.

Even the Venture S lighting helps create the mood owners want. Use the HYMER Connect App to adjust the settings remotely. A pneumatic pop-top roof opens to reveal a sleeping area for two. Cutting-edge insulation keeps temperatures in control in any weather. Solar panels on the Venture S keep the batteries charged for longer off-grid adventures.

Storage compartments are cleverly integrated to double as steps to reach the loft. Wooden trims make the interior feel cozy and warm. Meanwhile, the rear hatch opens to become a private sun deck with stepladder access. A Sonos Roam mobile soundbar and an Alphatronics projector cater to your entertainment needs. The Venture S also packs a smart kitchen, a two-in-one bathroom, and a mobile office. HYMER’s just added a winner to it fleet.

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Images courtesy of HYMER