If you are traveling the world, hygiene and personal grooming will be two essential areas that you should not neglect in your preparations.

To avoid overlooking must-have products for staying clean and safe, here is a quick rundown of the products you should take with you on your next trip.

Wet wipes

You may be used to using well-stocked, fully plumbed bathroom facilities, but in poorer parts of the world, you will encounter locations that lack a lot of the creature comforts that Westerners take for granted.

This is where having men’s flushable wipes in your backpack will be a real blessing. The latest products in this market are not just ideal for keeping your underparts clean and fresh in even the deepest, darkest jungles of the world, but are also eco-friendly thanks to their use of natural, compostable ingredients.

Hand sanitizer

Plenty of places worldwide may not even have a main water supply and products to wash your hands when you need to clean up before a meal. Also if you are in an isolated area and on the move, such facilities will always be scarce.

Hand sanitizer is an absolute must-have for rough travels, and so long as you choose an example with an alcohol content of 60% or more, it should be able to kill off the vast majority of the microscopic nasties that could otherwise cause you grief if they got into your system.

Face masks

In an era when everyone is far more aware of the ease with which diseases can be spread from person to person, taking face masks with you on a trip overseas is both sensible from a health perspective and as a means of being socially responsible.

Combining a fabric face mask with a surgical-style disposable mask is an effective option, and may be mandatory in some areas whether or not you are feeling under the weather.


One of the most efficient ways to keep your body clean and in good condition is to take a bar of soap with you. While shower gels, shampoos and conditioners may be part of your current hygiene routine, when you are on the road there will not be room to take every one of these with you, but a good quality bar of soap can last you weeks.

Soap can even be used to clean your clothing in a pinch, so it has a multitude of roles to play, even if it is not an especially glamorous part of your bathroom kit.


Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is the main way to maintain good dental hygiene and to avoid all sorts of dental health issues.

A toothbrush should always be in your wash bag, and while also having toothpaste is sensible, you can still get some benefits simply by brushing with a little water if you run out.

Stock up on these essentials and you will be able to face your next rough travel journey smelling, looking and feeling good.