A glass pot or kettle adds elegance and wonder to the mundane task of boiling water for coffee, tea, or soup. You can see the bubbles form as the water boils and in turn, you know not to touch the hot surface. The HYGGE electric kettle works in the same way. But its design takes inspiration from Roman architecture. 

Designer SeungHyun Lee took the spectacular linear columns of Rome’s historical monuments into mind to come up with a sleek and minimalist, yet modern kitchen appliance. “The curve comes from nature, and the straight line comes from humans,” she explains. Meanwhile, the Roman column is a balance “between man-made and natural, and finally becomes a work of art between sky and ground.” 

The HYGGE electric kettle may be inspired by Roman architecture. But its name comes from the Danish word “hygge,” which is a cultural attitude that involves taking pleasure or finding comfort from simple things. These could include drinking a cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee, or reading a book. 

But the design itself is nothing short of beautiful with a canister that doubles as a glass or bottle to drink straight out of. The base connects to the electric plate and comes with an LED display that shows the temperature among others. There’s the quintessential handle and spout to make pouring easy and it even comes with a removable lid. Best of all, the HYGGE comes in attractive colors that would certainly liven up your kitchen counter.

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Images courtesy of Yanko Design