Carry CUBO at its core is “built around change.” As such, their latest innovation, the LEV-24 backpack, adapts to your movements to provide unrivalled performance and functionality. Whether you’re on the move or in place, you can always count on it for seamless access to your gear thanks to its intuitive design. 

This is an “ultra-adaptive pack” featuring a layout that evolves with your carrying needs. It has a spacious main compartment and modular VESPI rails that allow for customization. There are 19 organization pockets with built-in functions that are easily accessible. These include six external pockets designed for kinematic on-body access. 

Then there’s the cleverly curved SplineZip which features four zipper pulls combined with six precisely placed curves. Together with a single #10 zipper track, this design allows for varied access: clamshell, top, and wide-open side access. The curves run front-to-back along the base of the LEV-24 backpack, then curls toward then up along the back panel, before finally bending forward along the top.

Positioning the upper zipper pulls at the lower corners of the pack allows for clamshell access, while sliding a lower zipper pull up along SplineZip opens either side panel up wide for three-way side access. This adaptability extends to the load distribution of the pack for a comfortable carry.

Drawing inspiration from hiking backpacks, CUBO LEV-24 has a shape-maintaining foam frame at the back. It also features dual-density straps in a soft open-cell foam interior and high-rigidity outer layer, all wrapped in a plush, edge-to-edge stretch fabric. The outcome is unparalleled comfort and a sensation of carrying a lighter weight. All these features are found in a pack that weighs just 1.32 kg.

Moreover, the LEV-24 Backpack is built tough with a high tenacity, 100% recycled Nylon 6,6 exterior finished in a weatherproof carbonate coating. It also boasts a diamond ripstop Nylon reinforced with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), which is known for being resistant to abrasion with a tensile strength 10x higher than steel, durable YKK zippers, and aluminum hardware. 

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Images courtesy of CUBO