The HYBRID Kitchen Aid is named as such because of its versatility in kitchen functions. It can grind, blend, knead, and more and unlike regular food processor, it adapts to various or common kitchenware. 

Rishikesh Sonawane designed this kitchen appliance to address the need for a compact, economical, and adaptable machine. It is inspired by the classic French press, with its motor placed above instead of at the base, allowing it to adapt to various kitchen functions.

The HYBRID Kitchen Aid features a sliding switch that helps cut direct power to the machine, enhancing safety and control during use. One of its key design element is the telescopic arm, which controls the lid level and ensures the attachment reaches the bottom of any homeware or container placed.

A lock secures the telescoping arm along with the lid at the desired level and the user can readjust by lifting the arm head to unlock its position.  the lift arm head to unlock its position. Some of the machine parts, including the lid which is attached with a silicone covering, and the base, can be lifted and removed for washing.

Moreover, the blades on the HYBRID Kitchen Aid can be dismantled for thorough cleaning. They come with yellow ring that slides into the casing and interlocks with a twist securing it to the casing. The blade module is attached to the yellow ring via a ceramic bearing so it can rotate at great speed with less friction.

The machine stays secured on the kitchen counter through suction cups installed under the base, while LED lights at the back of the motor add aesthetic appeal. There is also an LED interface that users can customize settings for minute changes or choose their desired function. The interface uses a series of color and brightness levels to highlight errors or selections respectively and the regular dial used for altering the RPM also serves as an On/Off button. 

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Images courtesy of Rishikesh Sonawane