Zak Fellman and Alyson Ogren love to create stuff. Naming their company ‘HVRNT’ as a title of pride derived from the French word ‘hivernant’ (winterer), used by historic fur traders who spent the winter in the wilds, they specialize in restoring and customizing Axes & Knives ($43+) when not designing T-shirts.

These Minnesota craftspersons have a special knack for wood-burning illustrations and can customize your favorite wood-handled adventure tool as easily as your favorite everyday carry blade with a design of your imagining if you don’t want to leave the creativity to them.

While they have an affinity for Native American motifs, nothing that fits on the handle of your knife or axe is beyond the abilities of these artisans. Whether it is a feather or a lodgepole pine, you can count on HVRNT to lend that personal touch to your gear. Their prices are very reasonable at an average range between $50 to $200 for a finished piece of artwork so you can add that touch of personal style to your otherwise mundane items.