Nestled between the beautiful natural wonders of the Swiss Alps is the newly reimagined Huus Gstaad ($200+/night), a stunning, classic winter chalet. The 136-room hotel was originally the Steigenberger Hotel, until architect and designer Erik Nissen Johansen reshaped it into a blend of welcoming rooms full of traditional materials and decor, but with accents of the modern touches so necessary to feel at home.

There are four restaurants spread throughout the complex overseen by award wining chef Giuseppe Colella. As well as a private terrace in each room to better enjoy the mountain scenery, the floor to ceiling windows and large lounge area help you stay connected to the great outdoors whether you are in the bar, the library, or enjoying the communal terrace.

But the Huus Gstaad doesn’t just keep a fancy roof over your head. Each room is provided with an exploration pack consisting of Mammut Backpacks, Zeiss binoculars, and aluminum water bottles to take your adventure out onto the slopes. [via]