What was deemed too good to be true a decade ago is finally here. The ubiquity of wireless connectivity finally makes smart technology even more accessible than before. In fact, almost any product can now pack advanced features to make our lives even more convenient. For instance, you can now level up your game on the court with the Huupe.

This is a smart basketball hoop that you can install anywhere that has a big enough space to accommodate its size. You might say that this gimmick is nothing new given there are already others that can count each time the ball goes into the hoop.

However, the Huupe is promising even more features in a weatherproof and regulation-size package. We can already see professional teams ordering dozens of these for their players. Ask any star athlete about their secret to success and they’ll tell you, it’s practice.

Natural talent can give anyone an advantage but training at every opportunity can elevate your skills. What makes this high-tech sports equipment different, you ask? Firstly, the Huupe ships with a high-definition screen built into the backboard. The display changes depending on the mode you select.

An advanced camera system tracks your movements, position on the court, jump height, speed, trajectory, and other crucial metrics. The Huupe’s proprietary system will then generate the appropriate feedback so users can focus on what needs to be corrected.

Get the help you need to work on your areas for improvement from their lineup of trainers. Choose from pre-recorded workouts or go even further with live coaching sessions. Connect with other Huupe owners and play with them. The cameras can even show you a live feed, so it feels even more immersive.

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Images courtesy of Huupe