Husqvarna is a brand that most associate with power products mostly for use outdoors. Those who are more familiar with their exploits tell you that they also manufacture motorcycles. For its latest project, combustions engines are no longer part of the equation. Among its lineup of electric mobility solutions is the Vektorr Concept.

Now a subsidiary of KTM AG, the Swedish group continues to deliver reliable and premium two-wheelers. This is Husqvarna’s first-ever attempt at an all-electric scooter. Also, it just one of several emission-free platforms under development right now.

One is the E-PILEN CONCEPT which is the e-bike, while the other is the BLITZ Concept – a stand up scooter. Much like the latter, the Vektorr Concept is designed for the urban commuter. The usual signs of electrification are visible based on its silhouette.

The most obvious giveaway is the absence of an exhaust pipe. For us, another common element that almost every all-electric transport share is the use of bright color accents. In the case of the Vektorr Concept, it’s the bright yellow stripe. In fact, the E-PILEN Concept and BLITZ Concept also have it.

Production should start sometime in 2022. The swingarm-mounted electric motor delivers a top speed of 28 mph. Meanwhile, a full charge of its batteries is enough 59 miles, before it needs to be plugged in.

Husqvarna says: “Development of the E-Mobility range is well-advanced and reflects the forward-thinking innovation that has seen Husqvarna Motorcycles set benchmarks for quality, aesthetics and performance for more than a century. The Vektorr Concept look stylish with its two-tone black and white colorway. Perhaps there might be optional upgrades to at least boost range down the line.

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Images courtesy of Husqvarna