Mil-Spec doesn’t settle for just “good.” Which is exactly what the Hummer H1 already was — perhaps even great. Screw that, says Mil-Spec Automotive. We can make it more beastly. And thus comes this Hummer H1 Launch Edition, born out of a relentless quest to make the off-roader meaner, bigger, and more formidable.

The Hummer H1 Launch Edition, more specifically #006, outdoes all models before it. It’s the most ambitious project Mil-Spec has ever put its hands on. It starts with the sinister-looking blacked-out overcoat that dresses up the ride in a sheen of brutalist flair. Not only that, but it’s also decked in a polyurethane spray infused with Kevlar for the utmost durability.

On the front you’ll find an equally sinister-looking cage, and further below is a Air-Ride adjustable suspension system. At the heart of this killer vehicle is a 6.6L Duramax diesel engine pushing 500 ponies and a whopping 1,000 feet-pound of torque.

Why stop there? Mil-Spec upgraded the drivetrain with a bunch of new options, too. And it put a 12,000-pound Warn winch, threw a chock-full of LED lights, and wrapped the wheels with beefy all-terrain tires.

Don’t be surprised if this costs a lot. To be precise, you have to shell out up to $295,000. The starting price is a bit lower, though. At $218,499 you’ll lose some of the extras that take the car a notch further. But it’s still a Mil-Spec job, so suffice it to say you’ll get your money’s worth.


Photos courtesy of Mil-Spec