For now, EVs still solely rely on battery-electric systems. Also, there are quite a few that use hydrogen-electric instead. Although the technologies behind these are gradually improving, there are startups that are considering abundant sources of green energy. The wind is certainly inapplicable, but solar, on the other hand, is what the Humble One is using.

The efficiency of modern photovoltaic systems may not be enough for larger forms of transport such as aircraft and ships, but it should be enough for land-based vehicles. Humble Motors is equipping its electric SUV with about 80 square feet of revolutionary solar cells.

The California-based manufacturer claims that in a span of a year, it can generate more than three megawatt-hours of power. Given how commercially available EVs are still dependent on the grid that uses non-renewable power, more carmakers should integrate solar charging tech like the Humble One.

It’s awesome how the electric SUV incorporates the photovoltaic panels into the roof and windows. They are then wiring everything through a series of components such as converters, chargers, and more. Although the Humble One can still recharge as most EVs do, it can add an extra 15 miles of range exclusively from solar energy. A full charge delivers anywhere between 250 to 300 miles

On a sunny day, you can practically go on longer trips without range anxiety. According to the company they are engineering solar cells that are 32% more efficient than what’s currently available on the market. The sleek outline of the Humble One appears aerodynamic. It also uses high-strength steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber to keep weight down. Reservations are now open with deliveries expected by 2026.

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Humble One Side Humble One Rear

Images courtesy of Humble Motors