Out of the treacherous Alaskan weather comes the exclusive Huckberry x Xtratuf Deck Boot 6″ to keep you grounded, literally. It keeps you on your feet and your soles dry and comfortable no matter how hellishly wet the weather gets. 

Trawling the deepest part of the Bering Sea is no easy feat. Anyone who’s watched the “Deadliest Catch” knows the perils the fishermen face every day, especially when dealing with rough seas. With such dangers come this reliable pair of footwear that guarantees a strong grip and a lightweight frame to keep you light on your feet, ready to spring into action.

The Huckberry x Xtratuf Deck Boot 6″ comes in Xtratuf’s classic style and performance. But they are packed down into a lower profile to make them city-ready. It takes you from water to land in seconds. 

This is the first-ever custom Xtratuf Boot by Huckberry that features a duck camo colorway with blaze orange pull tabs for easy on and off. These boots are tried and tested in Alaska so you’ll know they are tough enough to withstand the harsh weather elements. They come with Xtratuf’s signature chevron sole for a strong grip and 100 percent waterproof body.

They are also highly flexible to allow you a wide range of motion. Moreover, the Huckberry x Xtratuf Deck Boot 6 comes with a lightweight Xpresscool lining made with moisture-wicking neoprene to keep your feet cool and dry. It also uses neoprene rubber and neoprene foam for cushioning. Whether you’re on the ship deck or under a downpour, the Huckberry x Xtratuf Deck Boot 6 keeps those soles comfortable all day long. 

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Images courtesy of Huckberry