Hublot has been crafting some of the world’s most coveted timepieces that fuse exceptional craftsmanship with cutting-edge materials. A feature most of its models share is the chunky case with a mix of curves and sharp angles. Perhaps in a bid to break away from what its buyers expect, the brand takes a different path. Taking familiar design elements from its timepieces, the Meca-10 Clock is challenging the norm.

Although it might seem odd at first, a fresh perspective can often shake up the industry. We’re betting that there are folks who always wanted to augment their collection of Hublot wristwatches with something even more extravagant. At first glance, the Meca-10 Clock immediately stands out due to its size. In fact, the watchmaker presents it as an unlikely pair to its Big Bang Meca-10.

Hublot has taken the liberty to make some small aesthetic tweaks to the Meca-10 Clock. On the other hand, the rest appears to be just on a bigger scale than the watch. In other words, it is a tribute to the what makes the Big Bang Meca-10 a popular model among the label’s affluent clientele. We’re just glad they’re not including a strap that is to scale because that would be a little overboard.

It is available in two variants: A polished black PVD steel and polished steel. Both sport a satin finish on their 134.6 mm diameter case which measures 69.8 mm thick. The case back and bezel matches the case configuration for a uniform appeal. Within is the iconic skeleton dial in matte black, as well as its intricate manual movement with a 10-day power reserve. Overall, the Hublot Meca-10 Clock might not be for everyone, but it is a masterpiece for those who can afford it.

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Images courtesy of Hublot