Apple is enjoying a comfortable lead against its competitors as it flaunts a clear lead in the wearable market. Its Watch series are the most popular options out there now and possibly in the future as well. Now, the brand is encroaching on the true-wireless segment with the AirPods series. Moreover, its latest model seems to be a big hit with consumers. The AirPods Pro promises active noise cancelling as its biggest feature along with several enhancements over the regular model. Meanwhile, the $249 price positions it in the premium category. Thankfully, Huawei is offering a more cost-effective alternative with the FreeBuds 3.

The Chinese brand’s true-wireless earbuds bear an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s product. However, it does come in a Carbon Black colourway, which looks stealthy and stylish. For those who want to pass it off for a pair of AirPods can always go for the Ceramic White variant. Similar to what the American tech group is offering, the FreeBuds 3 includes a charging case, which is also compatible with wireless charging surface.

The USB Type-C port at the bottom is available for traditional wired charging as well. The FreeBuds 3 relies on a Kirin A1 chipset which handles connectivity, audio, and more. At $170 it is an awesome bargain for a pair of true-wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation on board. Calls and audio are crystal clear as ANC removes unwanted background noise. Each earbud uses 30 mAh battery good for up to 4 hours on a single charge. Additionally, the charging case packs a 410 mAh battery for an additional 20 hours of playback.

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Images courtesy of Huawei