Home or office printers are usually large and some are eyesores that you’d rather keep them tuck at a corner gathering dust. Not the HP Tango X printer though. This one you would want to put on display.

This machine is a physical stunner in itself with its matte-white plastic frame with some glossy gray accents. It deviates from the typical sharp-edged printers with its rounded corners.

HP Tango X is a compact printer about the size of a hardbound novel. It can easily pass off as a book with its added linen cover.

Physical beauty aside, it functions like any other inkjet printer. It supports colored and black printing of documents, lab-quality photos, and email and web pages. It can print up to 11 pages per minute and it has a copy and scan feature too.

This printer is designed with the smartphone user in mind. It is Wi-Fi enabled so you can print directly from your phone, rather than from a desktop or laptop. You can also use your phone to scan documents and print remotely.

Yes, that’s right, the Tango X lets you print from anywhere, even when you are half-way around the world. Moreover, it is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Microsoft Cortana, so you can easily use voice commands for a hands-free printing experience.

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Photos Courtesy of HP