HP wants to make printers better. So it’s just unveiled Tango, one that lets your print from wherever you are, and one that can also listen and understand voice commands care of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana.

Need to print something? Just tell Tango and it’ll do just that — no need to fire up your phone or walk across the room. Running out of ink? HP thought about that, too, which is why Tango integrates with an Instant Ink service that automatically orders ink when you’re running low, robbing you of a potential headache come time you need to print something and realize there’s no more juice left.

The maximum resolution is at 1,200 x 2,000 dpi, which is bumped to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi for colored prints. The device is a thermal inkjet machine and is able to print up to 11 pages per minute.

The above-mentioned features sound pretty excellent in and of themselves, but the machine’s overall design deserves mention as well, simply because it doesn’t look like a machine. While most printers look bulky, monolithic blocks of intimidating machinery, Tango veers far from that, and instead does its best to blend in with the rest of the room it’s in. You can even add a book-like linen or cork covers to make it a seamless addition to your household aesthetic. Neat.

You can buy the HP Tango this October. The standard model costs $149, while the Tango X model costs $199, including the cover. If you want, you can buy the standard model and just purchase the covers separately.