Hewlett-Packard has just changed the way we look at desktop computing forever. Designed for maximum desktop power, the HP Pavilion Wave ($550+) looks more like a speaker than a computer. Don’t let the trim triangular shape fool you. It hides a 6th generation Intel Core processor, with up to 16GB memory and optional AMD R9 470M graphics cards. Being so compact, the Pavilion Wave isn’t designed for expansion but makes up for that lack by featuring numerous ports including USB 3.1 and USB Type-C ports.

This sleek tower is Bluetooth enabled and can be turned into a media streaming hub connected to your television or Bluetooth speakers. It can support either a single 4K display monitor or two QHD displays all in a case that features an 85% volume reduction over traditional towers.

And talking about it looking like a speaker? HP teamed up with B&O PLAY to create top-notch 360 degree surround sound speaker built into the top of the tower. On the outside, the case is made of quality-woven material to give the texture and appeal of fabric. So at worst, you will have to decide whether you want to work or play. The Pavilion Wave is up for both.