When Apple officially announced the iPhone 12 series, everybody did not expect the company to ditch the charger along with the earphones. They have marketed it as a way to minimize their environmental impact, but it’s actually untrue as this is offset by the additional purchase of said accessories. For a unique green initiative, check out HP’s upcoming Eco Edition notebook.

The number of consumers who are now concerned about their carbon footprint is on the rise. As such manufacturers are likewise in a rush to develop products and packaging to appeal to this shift in mindset. Unlike Apple’s supposedly revolutionary method, HP strives to introduce a laptop that promotes sustainability in more ways than one.

The Eco edition version of its 14” model comes in only one color: Waterfall Blue. Upon checking their website, the SKU is currently still tagged as “coming soon” while the specs are not yet listed. However, we wouldn’t worry about the latter as these are usually offered in various configurations. What really matters, on the other hand, is the production process behind it.

According to HP, they are “taking a circular and sustainable approach” which is why the materials that go into each Eco Edition laptop matter. As detailed by the press materials, we have recycled aluminum, post-consumer recycled plastic for the keycaps/keyboard deck, 100% water-based paint, and used cooking oil. Honestly, we don’t know where the latter fits into all of this, but it’s on there.

Design-wise, the Eco Edition is your typical clamshell notebook which packs a 14” inch display. Among the interesting features indicated by HP are the emoji hotkey, full HD front-facing camera with a physical privacy shutter, noise-reduction software with a dedicated microphone mute button, and an unspecified Intel Core processor.

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Images courtesy of HP