Knowledge is power if it has to do with improving your sports performance. Although elite athletes have support coaches and experts that analyze their progress, most of them still rely on sports watches for personal performance reviews. And why not? Sports wrist watches are versatile multifunctional timepieces for extreme sports lovers.

Keeping fit is good business as is buying the right choice of wristwatch. Athletics, racing, or swimming, these professions have more than defined what it means to have great sports watch as a companion. Beyond doubt, these watches are almost as important as their sports gear and accessories. You’ll be surprised by the functions of these wrist candies. After all, they are based on technology which, decades ago, was only a dream.

However, their unique value proposition is the water-resistance property as seen in Filippo Loreti water-resistant watches range. Our water-resistant watches are designed with high precision, premium craftsmanship, and of top quality and optimal performance to see you to the finish line. Even better, our collection features the most brilliantly designed water-proof watches that leave you spoilt for choice.

Choosing a water-resistant watch

Sports watches usually have several functions; your choice ultimately depends upon the end-use. For instance, the Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber, with 100m water-resistance, is perfect for divers. The wide array of available watches is based on different tastes in color, design, function, and performance.

In selecting the most appropriate type, you have to understand your distinctive wants. You might not be on the lookout for a trendy timepiece; you may, however, be drawn towards the more functional types. If it makes the selection process easier, you might want to compare the water-resistance depth of each wristwatch too. But always remember to match your personality as you shop.

Tips for selecting men’s water-resistant watches

Making a pick doesn’t have to be so hard. As long as you consider your lifestyle and sporting needs, you’ll skim through the almost-impossible selection process at Filippo Loreti. No blames here; men’s water-resistant watches from Filippo Loreti are a sight for sore eyes.

Shopping for a water-resistant watch without answering the question “what do I need it for?” is like building castles in the air. Some will be your best choice like the Okeanos Green Steel Link because of their appeal and durable material whereas others provide additional functions. When going watch-shopping, you have to maximize your spendings by selecting the right watch with the specific features you wish to exploit.

Between the sporty Ascari Two-Tone Gold Steel Link and the Venice Moonphase Blue Gold, a diver will choose the former because while Venice is 50m water-resistant, Ascari’s limit is the 100m depth. A tangible difference. Most times, it is perhaps important to consider this parameter based on the types of activities you engage in. It wouldn’t make much difference if you weren’t anticipating a diving or swimming class anytime soon.

Sometimes, getting more value for your money means purchasing a watch with bonus features. The Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber, for instance, while providing water-resistant ability also has the chronograph complication. With this extra feature, you’re able to record swim time up to a depth of 50m. A special watch for swimming classes, for sure.

Watch material would always take precedence in matters of purchase. Comfort is the keyword here, meaning that you have to choose your watch jealousy. Athletes mostly go for rubber and NATO straps because of their lightweight and elastic properties, the Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber for instance. Whereas a businessman would lean more towards the mesh and stainless steel variants.

This category of watches is gaining momentum in our present world. Arguably old-fashioned, extreme sports lovers will benefit from this watch in more ways than one. In theory, mechanical watches run forever, maintenance and precision kept constant. Since the emphasis is on buying an everyday watch, the mechanical watch is a valuable buy considering our Filippo Loreti water-resistant range is powered by swift movement such as the Seiko VD54 in Ascari Moss Rose Gold Rubber.

Especially if you’re not big on fashion, you might select a compatible wristwatch that doesn’t require a lot of styling. Going for a Jack-of-all-trades type of watch is rather preferred when you’re racing or swimming.

Always do your homework before buying a water-resistant watch. Even when your lifestyle preferences defy your choice, you can always count on quality Filippo Loreti water-resistant watches for your sports activities. With up to 10 years warranty on each watch, you can never go wrong with any of our pieces. Why not try checking the collection now?

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Images courtesy of Filippo Loreti