Whether you want to look a little more distinguished in your dealings, want to turn some heads when you enter a room, or just want an excuse to dress up a bit, you need to focus on the term smart-casual. It is a clothing style for men that allows them to have a versatile wardrobe that can be adapted for any situation while still remaining comfortable.

How many times have you shown up for an important event like a date or a job interview only to realize you are under or over-dressed compared to the men around you? What if a smart-casual wardrobe could bring you to just the right state of dress without you having to worry about it? Well, it can, and because this style is so adaptable you don’t need to throw out your entire closet to make it your own.

Here’s how to bring smart-casual into your daily wardrobe in no time at all, and for less money, than you might think.

Your Comfort Matters

The main benefit of a smart-casual style is how you feel. The concept simply means that you can wear this clothing in any situation and feel good about your style choices. So make sure that you feel good in whatever it is you are wearing, no matter how smart or casual it looks, you should be able to see yourself wearing it. 

Smart-Casual is supposed to make you look great and stand out in any environment, and your outfit should make you feel ready to do anything. It’s a feeling where you can walk into a room and someone will always go “he looks good!”

Combine Business And Casual

The first step is to look at your daily wardrobe because you likely already have some clothes that have been divided into “casual” and “business.” Now take them out and mix them up! What if you threw on your Fred Perry polo that you use for work and wore a pair of nice tan pants with it? How about wearing your nice t-shirt with a dark pair of jeans and tennis shoes? What if you wore your button-down office shirt and threw on some faded jeans and a leather jacket?

Start mixing and matching and remember that dressing business casual is a ‘feeling’ of comfort rather than anything else. If you feel that you are too dressed up or too dressed down, then start tilting your way to the other side of the scale and you will find that sweet spot in no time.

Focus On Accessories

You can wear a tie, a jacket, or a hat if you wish as a part of your smart casual wardrobe. As long as you feel comfortable inside of it you can do a lot with accessorizing your look. Plus, it’s amazing how you can simply throw on a jacket that is for more casual wear and then watch your entire outfit go from being all business to being “smart-casual.”

Even something as simple as a good watch or a sharp pair of glasses can upgrade your clothing, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Keep Everything Clean

Finally, one of the things that differentiates a smart casual style from simply a casual style is the level of care that you put into your look. You need to make sure that all of your clothes are cleaned, pressed, and polished. Because even the most casual clothes, when cleaned and taken care of, can be a lot nicer than a rumpled suit and dirty trousers. 

Ensure that you are putting in the effort and working on your appearance, and everything will be perfect. The more effort you put in, the more smart and casual you will look.

Start Small and Figure It Out

 While you might have some trouble figuring out what smart casual is (because most websites only tend to agree on what smart casual is not, which is either too casual or too dressed up) start small. Try to incorporate a smart casual style over a period of a few days, and eventually, you are going to figure out what your own version of smart casual looks like. 

Add an accessory, throw on a jacket, or make some smaller changes and then you’ll find your style in no time! The important thing to remember is that you need to look good and feel comfortable in whatever you wear, and if you do that, everything will be okay.