Now that the DC FanDome 2021 has wrapped up, we were treated to trailers of upcoming films. Meanwhile, Mattel Creations hypes us up even more for The Dark Knight with the Hot Wheels R/C x The BATMAN The Ultimate Batmobile. Robert Pattinson may be the lead actor, but his new badass ride has garnered fans of its own.

Each time Warner Bros. Pictures hints at a new Batman movie, it usually introduces a new Bruce Wayne. Moreover, it also follows that Gotham’s hero also gets a fresh set of gear and rides. The BATMAN The Ultimate Batmobile finally gives us a clear look at the menacing machine.

Hot Wheels was recently on our pages when it collaborated with renowned watchmaker IWC. Meanwhile, the toymaker also caught our attention with their MEGA x Cybertruck scale model kit. The Ultimate Batmobile is for collectors who want to shop for their movie memorabilia ahead of others.

The BATMAN’s release date is no longer in 2021. Perhaps this remote-controlled vehicle is the studio’s subtle way of appeasing us for the delay. It is a 1:10th-scale replica that packs a lot of cool features. It ships with a pistol grip RC transmitter, a 6” Batman action figure, and an awesome Batcave display plinth with lighting effects.

As for The Ultimate Batmobile, it sports a rear-wheel-drive system and a working suspension. Hot Wheels R/C went above and beyond to include a water vapor system with color-changing LEDs to mimic the rear jet just like we saw in the trailers. We can’t wait to see what Mattel Creations comes up with next.

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Images courtesy of Mattel Creations