The BLOM Air Purifier adds a touch of elegance to any space with its unique design that’s unlike any of its kind. Its organic shape makes it easily transform into a display piece and not just an item taking up space on the table, the floor, or the wall. 

Its name should already be a conversation starter. It’s called as such because of its aesthetically pleasing floral shape. Designed by Hyunjae Noh and a 2024 Red Dot Design winner, it serves to “provide visual pleasure and refreshing air in an organic form in place of conventional tower air purifiers.”

The BLOM Air Purifier takes advantage of space utilization as it can be used in different ways. It can be wall mounted, placed on the floor, or used standing up by replacing its rear cradle. You can customize it according to your needs, making its use of space efficient. 

This device cleans air through the use of an internal HEPA filter that purifies air entering the rear so clean air comes out through the front outlet. It also offers the convenience of a remote control access, which is magnetically attached to the center of the unit. 

Moreover, this device boasts smart features to enhance its functionality. Users can register their item through a QR code found on the back of the purifier and operate it using an accompanying mobile application. Aside from cleaning the air, the BLOM Air Purifier also serve as a digital clock. This dual functionality makes it a great addition to any space, serving not just as an appliance but also a stylish timepiece.   

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Images courtesy of Hyunjae Noh/Behance