Despite the undisputable lead battery-electric powertrains have over hydrogen-electric options, the latter is still not out of the game. With companies like Toyota, Alpine, Hyundai, SCG, and more in other mobility segments. At the most recent Paris Automotive Week, a startup teases another exciting entry into the growing green motoring scene – the Māchina Vision.

This elegant hydrogen-powered platform comes from Hopium. Led by professional racing driver Olivier Lombard, the company positions the zero-emission sedan to offer high-class appointments with exceptional performance and handling.

Another fascinating aspect of its design is the use of cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE courtesy of Dassault Systèmes. The end-to-end development tool will play a significant role in the concept prototype, and full-scale production stages of the Māchina Vision.

Designer Felix Godard lends his talents to come up with the distinct notchback outline of vehicle. There’s enough sportiness here to allude to its impressive capabilities. Its hydrogen fuel cell system should also benefit from the grille placement and aerodynamics.

The front and rear end of the Māchina Vision flaunts a stylish light signature with striking curvatures. Its spacious cabin appears even more open thanks to the glass panel that forms the front/back windshield, and roof. For a futuristic touch, its telemetry, infotainment, and more are all accessible via a motorized full-width display panel on the dashboard.

According to Hopium, its hydrogen fuel cell powertrain is capable of 500 horsepower with an approximate range of over 620 miles. The Māchina Vision can also hit a top speed of 143 mph. Buyers can now order the eco-friendly luxury sedan. They are now testing prototypes and it won’t be long before the final technical specifications are available.

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Images courtesy of Hopium