With social distancing and travel restrictions gradually easing up, we’re starting to see the return of major events. Over the past few months, people are attending expos, concerts, and races, among others. We hear that Leonberg, Germany will once again host the Glemseck 101 this year. Hookie Co. is joining the festivities and bringing along the Silver Ant.

The marque is responsible for creations like the Tardigrade — an advanced lunar motorcycle concept. Therefore, it’s only natural for this custom electric motorcycle to sport a cool design. This fascinating project starts off with a stock Cake ÖSA+ which the shop then endows with bespoke upgrades.

Unlike their previous proposal, the Silver Ant is fully functional. This electric moto appears to be for exhibitions only as the company did not express plans to market it. Still, there’s a chance that could eventually decide to auction it off depending on how well it’s received on launch day.

Hookie Co. swaps out the original fork for a custom one and then follows with a ride height adjustment. As far as the layout goes, the Silver Ant retains the straight main pipe that extends all the way back. This odd yet practical configuration means there is no need to add a subframe.

They are also covering the rest of its frame with an aluminum fairing with cutouts. Another missing component is the saddle. Instead, the rider must assume an aggressive riding position. Hookie Co. then equips a Magura HC3 front brake lever, customizable LED units for the front and back, and bespoke Frozen grips. The Silver Ant will debut at the 2022 Glemseck 101 in September.

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Silver Ant front Silver Ant headlight Silver Ant grip

Images courtesy of Hookie Co.